Welcome to the Libyan bloggers

I tried my best to put as many interesting Libyan Blogs as I can , and it would be great if you help me make this site better and send me any other links you recommend , and please feel free to send me a description that I can put next to your blog .


mani said...

Excellent work Libyano this looks great mate!! :D

Salam bro

LadyCroc said...

Please provide a direct graphic URL for the icons, thankyou!

a_akak said...

Keep up the good work and if you need any help with this let me know

Fe Aman Allah

Omar Gheriani said...

Thank you Libyano for a very beautiful job.

Happymoi said...

How am i supposed to add that icon???

few more exams to go and then im all free for my blog:) for now enjoy my boring exam entries:P

Hiba said...

حلوة و ول مافيهاش بياخه خديت صورة الدلاع وحطيتها في بلوقري

Highlander said...

Where is the URL Libyano ? I want this icon on my blog too please !

PH said...

Thanks Libyano for the effort and the nice icons they are really great bro.


ho said...

thank you all
I am so sorry for the delay
I just added the codes to the icons on the right column

MaySoon said...

COOL! first time I visit :o) mashallah 3lek ya Libyano

Mujahada said...

Could you add my new libyan blog to the list:

Rose Bud said...

please add me. I am Libyan and a blogger.

Afnan and Aya said...

Can you please add me too. I am Libyan too thanks.

Anonymous said...

i have a new URL to my blog


libyan said...

i want to add my self to the libyan bloggers

3abtash said...

i tried to add the link but couldnt. help plz. oh i am a benghazi girl that has lived all over the world. my current place of residence is doha, qatar

فراشة said...

مجموعة المدونون الليبيون
و مافيش حد يكتب بالعربي؟؟؟؟
وينها اللغة العربية؟؟؟

معليش قولولي كيف ممكن تسجلوني في القائمة؟
لكن معليش أختكم ما تكتبش إلا بالعربي أو بالاصح الليبي

فراشة said...

ممكن تشجلو مدونتي معاكم
مدونتي ليبية 100% باللغة و اللهجة و الملكية

و اسمها

ZonaNet said...

hi all

add my blog www.zonanet1.blogspot.com

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Gigi said...

hi i am a new libyan blogger
this is my link

Anonymous said...

good job libyano

i have a blog and hope to join the libyan blogger